2021-05-08 Meeting

Online Meeting:

We discussed services providing tv shows and movies.  This included various devices and software such as Roku, Plex, Kodi, StreamIO, YouTube, Amazon Video and locast.  The upshot?  There are several good options for a variety of situations.

The main discussion was about cryptocurrency.  When asked what exactly cryptocurrency is, Pat recommended the book The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchains: Intro to Cryptocurrency Technology.  He also explained that although blockchains enable cryptocurrency, they can be used for other purposes.  We also talked about the role of trust and the benefits/drawbacks of speculation.  Pat had some very good advice:  don’t invest money in cryptocurrency that you can’t afford to lose.

And of course we diverged into various topics including:

  • Roku and Google at odds about YouTubeTV
  • ATM devices for cryptocurrency
  • Booting Linux on a Windows computer
  • Installing Puppy Linux on a bootable USB drive
  • Troubleshooting a Compact Flash device
  • Fixing media that Windows cannot detect

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