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Next Meeting, October 14

Need a good laugh?  Join us online for a viewing of our favorite humorous videos about Linux and/or computers in general.  If you’d like to join the fun, have some clips cued up and be ready to share your screen.  Just don’t be surprised if some thoughtful conversation slips in the cracks!

Please notice that we will not meet at The Westland Library as it is closed for construction.  For now we will meet on Jitsi at  Typically we start gathering at 12:00 noon and continue until 3:00 pm.  (That is EST/EDT for our friends in other time zones.)  If there is a presentation or a selected topic, that will begin at 1:00 pm to give everyone a chance to attend.

Would you like some tips for looking good on conference calls?  Check out this video about prepping a laptop and/or consider getting a device to adjust lighting and hold a smart phone.