2021-06-12 Meeting

Online Meeting:

We discussed many topics including currency, the movie 4 Presidents and the new Ford Maverick.  One member expressed the frustration of not being able to receive SMS texts without having a smart phone, and this led up the idea for next month’s presentation.  And the main topic was some practical ways to use an old cell phone.  These included tv remote controls, on/off switches for IOT devices, handy games, remote monitoring of a home and yard, and even Carl’s success at potty training his dog.  We also talked about replacing the OS with CyanogenMod and/or installing Linux on an Android device.

Installing DSL on an Android

Richard L. gave a demonstration of how to install DamnSmallLinux on an older android phone which has not been rooted.

For convenience, open this page in Firefox and use the links

  1. If you do not yet have Firefox, get it from the Google Play Store.
  2. If you need a file manager, use Google Play Store to install Ghost Commander
  3. Download the Limbo PC Emulator from SourceForge
  4. Install F-Droid which can be downloaded from https://f-droid.org/
  5. Download the DSL iso file from a mirror of damnsmalllinux.org’s downloads
  6. Use a file manager to move current.iso to /limbo
  7. Open Limbo, select to Load a New VM and give it a name.
  8. Click Cancel when offered to see a list of links (unless you’re curious)
  9. Open CPU/Board to set options, such as memory and cpus
  10. Open Disk to create a new virtual hard drive
  11. Open Removable and select current.iso as the CD-ROM
  12. Open Boot and select the CD-ROM
  13. Open Audio and select all
  14. Open Network and select a card, if desired
  15. Click the Play icon to start the VM and install DSL
  16. After the install, edit the Boot option to use only the hard drive

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