2021-04-10 Meeting

Online Meeting:

We discussed the possibility of meeting at the library again.  The CDC is no longer discouraging small meetings, provided standard precautions (social distancing and wearing face masks) are taken.  The library is not yet allowing us to schedule the meeting the room, but we will watch for when it will be available.  Please note that we will continue to use Jitzi for remote access, even after we start meeting in person.

Gib provided a thoughtful topic, is there something we can do as a group to assist our community?  We considered various options to provide computers to students and/or charitable organizations, but didn’t come up with a plan.  We also discussed finding volunteer opportunities for training and/or computer support.

And of course we diverged into various topics including:

  • Unpaved streets in Canton
  • A Texas warehouse full of computers parts
  • Refurbishing vs. buying kits vs. buying laptops vs. Chromebooks
  • Gib upgrading his car without going to the shop
  • Penguicon will be a virtual event this year
  • Various methods of creating and storing backups

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