2023-07-08 Meeting

Carl unfortunately wasn’t able to attend or to present a demo of qemu and libvirt.  He will do this at the August meeting.

Rich provided this quick summary of the meeting:

Conversation for the whole time was as usual as you would expect from the 12:00-13:00 hour. Since I logged in a few minutes late, the conversation was already on solar panels. Josh has  a really nice set-up, much of the time generating more electricity than he uses, and with battery backup – and feeds the extra back to DTE.

I did mention that I got a new laptop, and found a nifty expansion port for ethernet on eBay that plugs into one of the USB-C ports- It has (3) USB-A ports (3.0), an HDMI port, an ethernet (of course), and a ‘replacemen’t USB-C port. And it cost me only $30 on Amazon!!

I know there were other topics, but the only other I can remember is Gib talking about his new job at American Airlines, helping them get set up with Cloud services.

Oh, we did talk briefly about OBD-II scanners.