2023-02-11 Meeting

Open Discussion:

We had three new people join the group, and they introduced themselves and talked about their experiences with Linux.  We introduced ourselves and talked about favorite distros and reasons why a person may like “distro hopping.”  All was well, until just after the presentation started, and my laptop, unbeknownst to me, was disconnected from the jitsi session.

The remote attendees apparently had a lively discussion about privacy, among other things.  Dennis provided this video about information that Google is collecting even when you wouldn’t expect it.

Carl’s presentation was about systemd for beginners.  Rather than just talking about its features, he mostly covered the commands used to manage and troubleshoot services.  We frequently diverted from the main content for a deeper discussion.  Unfortunately all that we have is the set of slides about systemd, so the folks on jitsi will have to bring their comments, questions and concerns to the next meeting.

We didn’t get a chance to pick a topic for next time.  Send any suggestions to the mailing list!