2022-12-10 Meeting

Open Discussion:

The entire meeting consisted of an open discussion covering various topics, including:

  • Options for using one keyboard and mouse for multiple computers, using a kvm switch or the program barrier.
  • How CentOS, RedHat and Alma Linux are all inter-related.
  • Laser cutting and 3D printing.
  • Having tshirts made for MDLUG, hopefully with a crisper version of our logo.
  • A custom tshirt maker on Amazon that looked interesting.
  • Open Simulator as a possible self-hosted platform, similar to Second Life.
  • Firestorm Viewer as a very good client.
  • Decentraland as good site to learn how to use a 3D simulator.

Pat suggested he might be able to bring up a temporary Open Sim environment, and that he might demo it at a future meeting.  Could this be next month’s topic?