2022-05-14 Meeting

Open Discussion:

Immediately after saying hi to everyone, Rich had a question about how to mount an nfs share.  Long story short: use showmount -e192.168.1.55 then mount /mnt.

We then talked about various subjects like features and costs of various projectors, the chip shortage, if it’s possible to create your own chips, advances in astronomy due to commodity hardware and gpus.

Gib brought up the subject of two factor authentication, and the risks of using a personal cell phone for TFA at a corporation.  Many thoughts were shared and some suggestions made for a low-cost lab environment.

Perhaps the most fun part was helping Drew change the default action for text files.  The first part involved creating a script like this and making it executable.


eval xfce4-terminal -e “‘less \”$@\”‘”

Then set the default action for .txt files to be this script.

Teaser for next time:

Carl talked briefly about how the standards for ssh keys have improved and how he was inspired by this article about upgrading ssh keys.  Next time he will present a plan to seamlessly implement the new and more secure keys while allowing access to legacy devices.