2022-04-08 Meeting

The Presentation:

Drew showed two tablets that originally had Windows and have recently added Ubuntu.  Apparently all the hardware was working correctly under Linux with the exception of the onboard cameras.  He booted one into Windows to verify that the camera does work and to check its bus and address.  We then checked and saw that the hardware was not even discovered in Linux, indicating that it was apparently not a bad driver issue.  Drew was able to use a USB camera which verified that the video software worked.  He may consider trying to install another distro which will make it easier to test older and newer kernels to see if that makes a difference.

The Discussion:

We talked about many things, including:

  • oddities with jitsi, probably caused by library wifi
  • various projects that we are working on
  • Dennis’s truck
  • the upcoming Penguicon conference
  • Rich’s experience with OCR software