2021-02-13 Meeting

Online Meeting:

We engaged in a lively discussion that intermixed with a walk down memory lane and the resuscitation of an old DOS hard drive.  One attendee had a 386 that would boot from a floppy disk, but not from a recently obtained hard drive.  Of course during our rambling diagnostic attempts several members related stories of long ago.  Ultimately the computer was able to boot from the hard drive after a combination of fdisk, format /s, fdisk /mbr, copying files, and disabling the former config.sys.

Among other things, we talked about:

  • Offsite backups of data
  • Loop mounting disk image files
  • Methods and strategies of deploying disk images
  • Virtualization, specifically using VirtualBox
  • Customizing the Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit image for the Raspberry Pi 4
  • A bug that was discovered in Libre Office for Windows
  • Spam, and spamassassin
  • Time syncing a device not on the internet

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