2020-11-14 Meeting

Online Meeting:

Basically the entire meeting was a multifaceted conversation about Jitsi, Discord, pulse problems, Penguicon, troubleshooting sound problems, podcasts, boot options for raspberry pis, wired and wireless headsets, browsers, RDP, samba, OpenNAS, Windows Home Server and a dash of science fiction.  It was entertaining and informative.

Presentation:  Giving Presentations

We watched a humorous and useful video about how to set up a webcam and microphone for best results.  It has some practical advice for lighting, camera placement and choice of microphones.  Mixed in with our conversation we talked about how it is possible to have multiple sessions, even with multiple cameras, in a single Jitsi meeting.  The trick is to mute the microphone in Jitsi and mute the volume in the browser tab for all but one tab.  The same idea can be used to screen share an app on the desktop with maintaining a normal connection.  This works great with presentations and videos.

We also started thinking about how we can meet in person while using Jitsi in the future.  We’re thinking we’ll have one primary device (cell phone?, webcam?) to provide audio and video.  This will work with a shot of the room, a single presenter, and/or a presentation.  Of course we’ll need to do some testing, but we all agreed it’s a good idea to meet on Jitsi even when we can meet in the library again!