2023-12-09 Meeting

The Discussion:

We talked about the OpenSimulator Community Conference which was occurring this same weekend.  This conference was about virtual reality and it was hosted within virtual reality.  We considered the various clients, both 2D and 3D, the choice of the point-of–view, and the avatars and their clothing.

Pat asked about our preferred remote desktop apps that work with Linux and Windows.  The consensus of remote access users was RustDesk.  Perhaps our favorite feature is that it is free and open source.  It doesn’t require preconfiguration on the remote side and it doesn’t require any changes to the firewalls.

Among the little gems, we talked about Linux Mint which is a spinoff of Ubuntu and is available as a spinoff of Debian.  Also the notorious Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is coming to Linux via systemd.  Hopefully we won’t get a chance to see what it looks like!

We made a decision about future meetings…that we will not regularly meet at a physical location.  Jitsi has worked reasonably well for us and it’s convenient.  We still might have occasional physical meetups for iinstall-fests or tinkering sessions.  We will also consider on have a second meeting every month if we find enough interest, especially from those who can’t attend on Saturday afternoons.