2023-10-14 Meeting

The Discussion:

Richard and Dennis talked about LED light bulbs and the various shades available.  They covered the advantages and disadvantages  of soft light and daylight shades.

Dean offered some free servers which led into a further discussion of community resources, including Trash Nothing.

Gib was in the sweet spot for viewing the solar eclipse and sent us updates as it progressed.

Most of the discussion was around the various funny videos we shared with the group.  Gib found a variety from YouTube sources and Carl presented several from DistroTube and the classic “Trunk Monkey” series.  There were many more.

We took a little time to solve a mystery–a command line mystery–that was fun for newbies and old hats as well.  The package had no instructions, but there was a README file and a file named instructions.  It gave a clue about where to start and said not to use any type of editor, since it was truly designed to be solved by the command line.

We finished by discussing the value of having our own Jitsi server.  Dennis pointed out that MUG has a VPS for this purpose, and it might be feasible for MDLUG.  He suggested that we make this the topic for next time.