2023-04-08 Meeting

ChatGPT was the topic of the month and we had a very animated discussion. At the mention of “Night Agent,” Gib prompted ChatGPT to provide a description of the TV shoe. He then followed up seeking information about some of the characters. This gave us a better sense of how it works, including how to get more info within the given topic.

Sy talked about using ChatGPT output as a source for learning about AI in an online classroom environment. He seems to have more experience with AI and a vision of where it could lead us.

Carl mentioned that UofM is currently running a “Teach-Out” about ChatGPT. This is a great resource to learn various facets of ChatGPT and is available at no charge. The online experience is available at https://online.umich.edu/teach-outs/chatgpt-teach-out/.

Sy talked about creating a virtual terminal as a way to emulate running commands in a shell.  Here is what he typed to make it happen:

I want you to act as a Linux terminal for Slackware.

I will type commands and you will reply with what the terminal should show.

I want you to reply with the terminal output inside a unique code block
and nothing else.

Do not write explanations.

Do not type commands unless I instruct you to do so.

When I need to tell you something in English I will do so by putting text
inside curly brackets {something like this}.

My first command is:

ls /etc/*release*

Of course we discussed various other topics, including X servers for Windows and problems encountered with various distros.