2020-02-08 Meeting


Carl gave a short presentation about syncthing, a continuous file synchronization program.  This is ideal for files that need to be accessed on several computers, even when off the network.  Examples of this may be files with notes or”todo” lists as well as custom scripts and configuration files.  Although it is quite easy to install and configure on several platforms, it take a little more time on CentOS or Red Hat.  What for next month’s meeting to include a guide for el6 and el7.

A new member asked for advice about getting started with Linux.  Of course each of us had several recommendations!  For now the consensus was to pick a distro (perhaps Mint or Ubuntu) and either run a live CD or install it on a laptop.  Then play with it and get to know it.  We also set the topic for the next meeting to follow up by find the best learners’ resources.