2017-01-14 Meeting

Election Results:

President – Dr. Bob Meier
Vice President – Gib Nichols
Treasurer – Bill Lingner
Secretary – Carl Miller

Official Business:

The elections were held in accordance with the bylaws. Bill gave the treasurer’s report, saying that the $67 in the treasury was paid to Carl to reimburse website fees including domain name registration. Currently there is no money in the treasury, no income, and no expenses. Dr. Bob reported that he has scheduled the room for us at the library for the next 6 months.


Carl gave a demonstration of the Kali Linux distribution as a penetration testing tool. Using the Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) as a target, we were able to get the administrator password for the application, run several commands remotely, and read the contents of the entire mysql database.


We talked about several topics, including future presentations. Since an interest was expressed in learning about HTML and the web, Carl will have a short session at the beginning of future meetings about developing webpages.