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Monthly Meetings

Second Saturdays

MDLUG meets monthly at 11:30am to around 1:30pm on the Second Saturday.
  Each meeting usually begins with MDLUG business. A presentation may follow. Often general discussions are the order of business. (Contact secretary at mdlug.org if you would like to volunteer to do a presentation.) After the meeting, some of us usually go to a local restaurant.

Meeting Place

Until further notice the meetings will be at:

Henry Ford Centennial Library
16301 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126
This is on Michigan avenue. South side of the street. Just a short distance East of the Southfield freeway.
Map: http://goo.gl/0YRklc


Back to the Fall Schedule

With the summer winding down we will be returning to our normal schedule for the fall. The next meeting will be Saturday September 13th 2014 at 11:30am at the Dearborn Libary. ** Please note the earlier time!

For the September meeting we will have David Wood of Red Hat to talk about system tuning.

Next Meeting

September 13th, 2014

The presentation will be David Wood of Red Hat talking about system tuning. The talk will be about how to tune a system for different workloads such as a VM or database server. It will go into the basics of CPU scheduler, disk elevator and other disk related options, network tuning, and memory adjustments such as swappiness and shared memory. There will also be data from real servers where tuning was used to help diagnose an issue.

Check the MDLUG Mailing list or the IRC channel for more info.

Mailing Lists

Keep up with with the Members

We have some active mailing list for a range of user skill levels. Please visit our Mailing Lists.

  • MDLUG (the "main list"), for discussion of Linux and technology in general;
  • MDLUG-Newbie,  where new users can ask Linux questions that they might hesitate to ask on the main list;
  • MDLUG-Admin, where details of cat herding... er running MDLUG are discussed; and
  • MDLUG-Discuss, where members discuss whatever else may be their mind's.

#mdlug IRC on freenode.net

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