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Monthly Meetings

Second Saturdays

MDLUG meets monthly at noon to around 3:00 pm on the Second Saturday.
Each meeting usually begins with MDLUG business. A presentation may follow. Often general discussions are the order of business. (Contact secretary at mdlug.org if you would like to volunteer to do a presentation.) After the meeting, some of us usually go to a local restaurant.

Meeting Place

Our new "usual" meeting place is the Edison Branch.:

The Edison Branch of the Detroit Public Library is on the north side of Joy Road just a few blocks west of Sotuthfield. Finding a parking spot can be challenging, try the side street.
18400 Joy Rd.
Detroit, MI 48228
(313) 852-4515
Website with Map: http://www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/branch/edison

Next Meeting

September 12, 2015

The Topic: We will discuss what we will do for the ConClav Science Fiction convention. I hope people will bring their equipment September 12th to try out ideas for the set up at the convention. Can we bring some computers, Raspberry Pis, electrical cords, power-strips, cables . . .? I'd like to see our meetings develop into more of a working session to play with new technologies. Let's invite the Raspberry Pi enthusiasts to our September meeting and try to get them to come to the October event.

Check the MDLUG Mailing list or the IRC channel for more info.

Mailing Lists

Keep up with with the Members

We have some active mailing list for a range of user skill levels. Please visit our Mailing Lists.

  • MDLUG (the "main list"), for discussion of Linux and technology in general;
  • MDLUG-Newbie,  where new users can ask Linux questions that they might hesitate to ask on the main list;
  • MDLUG-Admin, where details of cat herding... er running MDLUG are discussed; and
  • MDLUG-Discuss, where members discuss whatever else may be their mind's.

#mdlug IRC on freenode.net

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