MDLUG Mailing List Usage Guide Lines

Please send comments to

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you in their place.
See Emily Postnews and Netiquette Guidelines for details.

If you find something objectionable or off-topic, please send a courteous note off list to the author (and/or to the list moderator rather than to the list. (The rule is simple, be not easily annoyed, nor annoying.)

Please post messages in plain text (rather than HTML or rich text). See this page for instructions for your mail client.

New subjects belong in new discussion threads. Some mail clients will start a new thread when a subject line changes, but others do not. Please use a new message for a new subject, don't "reply-to" messages from other topics.

Please trim your replies so that you only quote the parts you are are replying to, rather than the entire original message , and prefix with '>'. (Most mail clients do this part automatically.)

Please do not cross-post, and if you feel you must, please direct discussion to one list with a reply-to: field.

Filtering & Security
If you lack time or interest to follow some of the topics, ask mdlug-newbie for suggestions on filtering mail automatically.

We welcome the many who listen silently, and invite them to post when they wish to contribute either questions or answers.

We strip the reply to addresses from the headers of messages before putting them in the archives.

Likewise, our archiving software quashes email addresses in the body of messages to make them difficult for spammers to harvest. However they will still be human readable so you might want to consider this before posting personal email addresses.

Have fun!
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