Our January 2008 meeting convened shortly after 1:00PM. Our agenda included election of officers for 2008.

Meeting Attendees:
  • Gibson N
  • Garry S
  • Ray M
  • Pat B
  • Mat E
  • Aaron K
  • Carl M
  • Mary T
  • Ken G
  • Michael R
  • Bill L
  • Joseph V
  • Jeff H
  • Bob L (new member)

1. MDLUG Election Results:

President: Ray 12 Other 0
Vice President: Pat 12  Other 1
Treasurer Carl 13 Other 0
Secretary Mary 12 Gib 1

2. The MDLUG library was briefly discussed. Mat,the MDLUG librarian, mentioned that books are available for checkout

3. Upcoming presentations for 2008 include the following topics:




February (2/9/08)

(GTK based math software – February or March)

Bob Lippert

March (3/8/08)

TBD by polling the MDLUG list to vote on: 1) Gallery 2 (web gallery mgmt); 2) TOR (The Onion Router); 3) WordPress (blogging software); or 4) OpenVPN (virtual private network).


April (4/12/08)

Samba as a domain controller

Mat Enders

May (5/10/08)

As we schedule presenters, the missing months will be added.

Note for February meeting: Bring a copy of your favorite distro.