Notes from MDLUG Meeting, February 9, 2008

Guests: Rusty, Mike, Tony from the Downriver Computer Group (DCG)


   1. Due to a last minute schedule change, Pat Baker will be the presenter at the meeting.

   2. Mike R. mentioned two tools: a) Cross Loop ( is a utility to connect two machines together across the internet—a Windows version is available now and a Linux version should follow at some point; b) a tool called streamriver for
   3. We briefly discussed obtaining 501(c)3 status and/or the possibility of merging with the DCG The officers will explore this option at an upcoming meeting.
   4. MDLUG officers meeting will be scheduled for this month. The meeting date to be finalized. Members are welcome to attend.
   5. President Ray mentioned several of the other clubs in SE Michigan:

         a. SEMCO – SE Michigan Computer Organization (2nd Sunday of the month)
         b. Washtenaw LUG - (3rd Thursday of the month)
         c. MUG - Michigan User Group (2nd Tuesday of the month)
         d. Wayne State Linux Users Group (Not sure if they're active these days)

          Please check the links page for specific locations


Pat Baker was our presenter this month.  The first of Pat's two presentations covered OpenVPN, an open source vpn application. 

The intermission included an informal discussion regarding the yahoo Microsoft possible deal.

Pat's second presentation provided insight into TOR (The Onion Router).

After the second presentation, informal discussion topics included Penguicon. We discussed the possibility of a MDLUG room. If we are unable to obtain a room, we may resort to our virtual MDLUG virtual party room, complete with T-Shirts.  A discussion about fonts, PDF, and copyright issues followed.  Drew had a question about an issue he was experiencing with Firefox--video but no audio. Several helpful suggestions were offered, including checking to see that the proper plugin is installed.  Finally mythtv and a discussion regarding a recent ruling on the dish dvr infringing on a tivo patent.

Next month presenter will be William Buchanan – speaker (digital photography)