MDLUG Meetings

MDLUG has meetings, at 12:30 PM, on the second saturday of each month.

MDLUG meetings are at the Gaudior Academy 27100 Avondale, Inkster MI 48141. This is about a block east of Inkster Road, half a mile south of Cherry Hill (gps://wgs-84/42N18.302/083W18.465).

Parking is on the South side of the building.

Details of the next meeting are available here.

See the Secretary's page for the minutes of past meetings.

From time to time, years past, MDLUG has had more than one meeting per month, often one on a saturday, and another on a week-day evening. There has been interest expressed by some members in having such evening meetings again. Recently there is some indication that the Detroit Public Library, main branch, may provide a suitable place for such meetings. Anyone with suggestions on this matter, please contact any of the officers listed on our contacts page.