Bylaws of The Metro Detroit Linux Users Group


    A. The name of this organization shall be the "Metro Detroit Linux Users' Group," hereinafter referred to as "MDLUG."


    A. The purpose of this organization is to advocate the GNU/Linux operating system by educating the public and socializing among peers.


    A. Membership shall be granted to any person who attends a meeting during the year, signs up for one of the electronic mailing lists, or creates an account on the MDLUG web site.


    A. The officers of MDLUG shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. None of these offices shall be combined. Officers shall take office immediately upon the close of their election and shall serve a term of one year.

    B. The President shall preside at all meetings and the President shall be the chief executive officer of MDLUG. In the absence of directives from the membership, the President shall have the authority to speak for, and to generally manage the affairs of, MDLUG. The President may appoint members to assist with tasks.

   C. The Vice President shall act as assistant to the President and shall perform the duties of the President if the President is unable to perform those duties.

    D. The Secretary shall be the recording officer of MDLUG. The Secretary will post the minutes from any meeting of either MDLUG or the MDLUG officers and post them to a forum to which the general membership has access. Posting the meeting minutes to the MDLUG website or mailing list is acceptable, for instance. The secretary shall be responsible for all official communications within MDLUG and between MDLUG and outside individuals, groups, and organizations.

    E. The Treasurer shall receive, expend, and account for the funds of MDLUG under the supervision and direction of the President. The Treasurer shall make a public accounting, annually, that may be reviewed by the other officers and the general membership. The President may require, on behalf of the members, that the Treasurer to produce interim reports which may, or may not, be distributed to the other officers or members.

    F. The officers of MDLUG shall meet in such times and places as they shall determine and shall govern all the affairs of MDLUG. MDLUG is committed to the concepts of open government. The officers will strive, accordingly, to keep the members aware of decisions that are being made on behalf of MDLUG.

    G. An officer who fails to attend any MDLUG meetings for four consecutive  months shall be removed from his/her position upon a vote of no confidence. This vote shall take place during the meeting that comprises the officer's fourth month of absence. Should 2/3 of the members in attendance cast a vote of no confidence, the officer shall be removed from his/her office and an election shall be held at the next regular meeting of MDLUG to fill the vacancy. If the President is so removed, the Vice President shall assume the Presidency and a new Vice President shall be elected.


    A. The President fills or vacates appointments with the advice and consent of the other officers. Appointed positions exist so that members may perform a specific set of tasks, usually based on the technical requirements of the task to be performed and the technical abilities of the appointee. MDLUG has a number of appointed positions including, but not limited to:

        1. The webmaster manages the MDLUG web site.
        2. The web moderators assist the webmaster.
        3. The list master manages the e-mail lists.
        4. The server administrator manages any servers under the control of MDLUG.
        5. The caterer who manages refreshments /fund raising, and reports to the Treasurer.
        6. The librarian who collects, maintains, and makes available to members donated software and books.

    B. Appointments may last for an indefinite period to allow some continuity between administrations. More than one of these positions may be held by the same individual, i.e. appointed positions may be combined. Additional formal positions may be created by amending these bylaws.


    A. MDLUG shall hold an annual election in January, performing such business as required herein. The Secretary shall have preferred supervision and management of all elections. Should the Secretary not be present, then any officer of MDLUG excluding the President may manage the election.

    B. Officers shall be elected at a regular meeting of MDLUG by the attending members. The attending members may cast votes for themselves and may act as a proxy for others. In the case of a proxy vote, the member wishing to have a proxy vote in his/her stead must notify the Secretary in writing prior to the election. This notification may be in the form of an email. The Secretary shall note the name of the member asking to use a proxy and the name of the member who will cast the proxy vote at the meeting. The Secretary shall oversee the specific details of the election.

    C. A majority shall rule except for changes to the bylaws of MDLUG, as specified in section VIII.


     A. Nomination of candidates for office shall be made any time prior to the election, including at the meeting. All nominations must be seconded (the nominee is not eligible to second themselves) and the nominee must accept the nomination to be a candidate. Nominees need not be present at the election.


    A. Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed either at a meeting or on the MDLUG and MDLUG-ADMIN mailing list. If an amendment is proposed at a meeting, or on the mailing lists less than two weeks before a meeting, it shall not be voted upon until the following meeting to allow adequate time for debate and discussion.

    B. Amendments are adopted if they receive a two-thirds majority vote of the attendees (and proxies) at an MDLUG election meeting as defined in section VI. If an amendment vote takes place at a non-election meeting, a three-quarters majority vote is required for passage.


    A. Dues may be enacted only upon the explicit amendment of these bylaws. The amendment must specify the dues to be levied; any changes in membership requirements based upon dues; and provide for a transparent accounting of funds received and expenses paid for by dues.


   A. The fiscal year of MDLUG shall end December 31.


   A. These bylaws shall be adopted upon two thirds vote at the annual election and shall remain in effect until changed by amendment as specified in section VIII.